Want to spark discussions which are out of the ordinary? 

My talks are on subjects people working in Change regularly interact with, but perhaps don’t focus on – the stressors we have in our profession, exceptions and mistakes, design in Business Analysis, etc.

I use the skills and techniques I developed in my career as an operatic singer to welcome everyone into the room and into the journey of the topic. I’m open and honest about my own experiences in the hope that this prompt us all to talk more about the things that matter.

I also always put practical tips and examples in my presentations so that delegates have something to try out after the session

Feedback I’ve Received

Amazing inspirational session thank you, best session of the conference

A very good presentation on a subject where there is a lot of stigma and is difficult to talk about. A very personal and effective presentation, and particularly useful tips for handling anxiety when at work.

A really valuable session and so genuine

Brilliant session. The speaker did a fantastic job explaining the concepts in a simple easy to understand way and drawing from her own personal experience. The mindfulness session was introduced well and run well. I am really happy to see people raising more awareness of mental illness and tools to help.

Eleanor was excellent, her honesty around anxiety was refreshing and the techniques for coping that she shared were really helpful. Thank you, Eleanor, you are awesome.

Great session with techniques to change my approach to remaining calm at work and in life. Changed to attend this session and I’m glad I did – Thank you

Talks include:

  • Anxiety, Stress and Change or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pressure
    • Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019
    • Shell UK 2020
    • IIBA South West 2020
    • Business Process Management Conference Europe 2020
  • Design Tools for Change Roles
    • Women’s Tech Hub, Bristol 2020
  • The BA as a Professional Voice User
    • In Progress
  • Exceptions, Mistakes and Why We Should Care
    • In Progress

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