Career Mentoring

Do you want to know how get into projects or become a BA? Wish you had someone to help support you there?

There are two elements to getting the job you want; proof you can do the job, and great career savviness.

 In mentoring with me, we work on the opportunities you currently have to create great CV fodder and prove that you are able to do your dream job. We then look at your CV to make this unique and attractive to hiring managers (hint, it’s a marketing document, not your life story), and even rehearse interview techniques, so you can nail the job interview for the right role.

Here’s what some of my mentees say:

Having provided mentoring to myself, I have been able to use her process improvement methods to bring about positive change within the Admin team. We have reduced wastage and, as a result, become a more efficient team.

El is clear and direct in her mentor session and has helped me to progress into being able to facilitate retro’s, not only for my own team but also for others.

Adam Boon

Eleanor has been a really supportive mentor to me over the last half, whether this be with work or other aspects. I always find she has time for me and wants me to do well, she is very encouraging, kind and supportive.

Katie Williams

Eleanor is always there to support me with any questions or queries, but has also conducted mentoring sessions in a way which encourages me to think for myself, and has set tasks which encourage me to work independently also.

Bobby Cole

How Does Mentoring with El work?

“Get a mentor” is something a lot of people advise for career development, but what do you do when you have one? Quite often you can end up in awkward conversations where you don’t know the right questions to get the answers you really need.

I work both in a proactive and reactive way where I’ll answer questions if you have them, but if you’re stuck for a starter for 10, I’ll use coaching techniques to help you figure out the next big win for you and the best way of getting there. I also provide 1:1 tuition on BA techniques and job searching.

Exercises have included:

  • Process mapping and improvement
  • Stakeholder identification and management
  • SDLC methodologies
  • CV review
  • Interview techniques

Finding the right mentor for you is really important, and if that’s not me right now then that’s fine – do what’s right for you. If I sound like the right mentor for you, get in touch for a consultation today!

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